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The Real Legend 3 The Real Legend 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i have never seen a better, funnier flash on newgrounds xD

you captured the game perfectly and i bet this was the real "Zelda" before nintendo got their grubby hands over the story. lol

Awesome animations, awesome music, awesome acting... FUCKING PERFECT

Cliff of Sorrow Cliff of Sorrow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


was expecting something to happen when the music died... probably would have been better than looping it. Still great transition from day to night and visa versa. Um also loved how it looked, did anyone notice the cliff looked like a face? xD

anyway not exactly the best at flash reviews, was nice though and had a nice choice in music for it. Still upset the guy didn't do much, he didn't even sleep lol.

gnome42 responds:

yeah sorry i was tired... i should probably make him loop according to the time of day too
and no i didnt notice the cliff face.. strange hehe.

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The Guardian Chapter 2 The Guardian Chapter 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Zelda ties aside this is a decent game although very glitchy. I tired to play it multiple times and kept locking myself in a direct movement with no way to go back the way i came... this is a massive let down because you don't allow for complex movements, or maybe it's an error check issue when you press roll whilst holding down the down key and defend. Hell i even broke it when leaving the shop and walking in various directions while colliding with other objects. Anyway it needs to be fixed.

Another bad feature is the defending. I never saw a point in using it... EVER! It doesnt push the enemy back far enough so you can then whip your sword out and attack it, if there are any projectiles i never got to them as i broke the game's movement several times trying out different combos of buttons and then got stuck in a menu.

After not knowing what to do on neveah island since theres no real indication as to where anything was i decided to check out the boat to see if i could go anywhere else. I find it strange i can move to islands i don't know about and yet not select them. Bu the worst part was not being able to leave the menu once i entered it i mashed the ASD hit enter and escape and still stuck on this screen. So yeh as for the rest of the game, dunno never got there.

Coding wise i'm not impressed, art and sounds are where the marks come from for this game, everything is beautiful.

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Avoidance 3 Avoidance 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Game

Never heard any of my submissions in a game before... well anything for that matter...

so i'll start with it is a huge honour to be a part of this, however i did find the random spawning missles (based on the music i think) a little worrying. They are a really good idea i mean really good and to make them blend a little into the background was devilish but they seemed a bit random, like you didn't really have too much control over where they are being placed.

As a programmer i know you should have control over every aspect of anything you do. you could have the random spawn still set up but at certain co-ordinates make it easier... this of course would be based on a randomly generated number :D

all in all thanks heaps for using my music, and it's a great game. I hope you keep it up cause you have some really good concepts going :D

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TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the review, and why wouldn't we use your music? it's fantastic. thanks for the review, and if I ever start making flash games again once i get a better computer, i'll be sure to take your suggestions into account.

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WF1/KTR Breaking Restraints WF1/KTR Breaking Restraints

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You were right it seems xD

From hearing this at the starting point and at the end i could see you two worked well together. The song was amazing before and it's still amazing now.

only problem i have with it is it still seems a little "flat" but other than that it is perfect. (sorry guys not going to lie there)

The Piano at the start sets the oriental feeling that the rest of the song seems to carry out and play with. The choir seems (in my mind) to bring out the fantasy side of things as well.

I dissagree with everyone here in saying only the piano screams oriental feeling. The strings do play their part too.

all in all though it is an amazing song, fitted to the use of any modernistic anime show or game and i will still recommend you guys to anyone who asks "Who should i get to help me with the music in my projects?".

I love your work Jason and Wf1. Hope you guys collab again ^.^

KTRECORDS responds:

Thanks a lot bro! Make sure to let all your friends know that KTR and WF1 would be more than happy to help out with their projects (time permitting of course, lol). Catch ya lata!


Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2 Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i have to agree with yamor

it is the same verson from SSBM on the game cube... when i read that post i had to be sure so i put it on... exactly note for note...

but i did notice you added and subtracted a few things so all good i guess. i will give you credit for making the guitars powerful without screwing up the kick i find that pretty hard to do xD

good take on the SSBM version of Zelda i did enjoy listening to it and it's more intense than nintendos version anyway... i will never play the level to their crappy version again xD

{DJ-HLS} The Basshunter Song {DJ-HLS} The Basshunter Song

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol i don't even like the genre xD

no idea why but i hate the whole dance genre. but you managed to drag me in to almost dancing to this... firstly GOOD JOB.

i just wish it was alot longer... maybe 3 - 4 mins long, a great song... had to be if you got a "hater" of dance to um... dance xD

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heartless1298 responds:

hahaha wow thats a real confidence booster right there. thanks! im actually going to do a round 2 on this so ill pm you when it comes out.

thanks for the review!